E-ink is Going Where No Electronic Shelf Label Has Gone Before – to the Freezer Case

aurora e-ink screen shelf label 1E-ink has a number of new products on display at SID Display Week this year and one of the more unusual ones is their new Aurora shelf label. This is going to be the first shelf label that can be deployed into a supermarket's freezer case (or so E-ink says*).

ePaper shelf labels are a well established market, but according to E-ink one problem that all the existing products share is that they don't handle cold temperatures very well. The low temp might not kill the screen but it does stop working.

This applies even to E-ink screens like the ones used on ereaders, but not to the new Aurora shelf label. E-ink has developed a new suspension fluid to put in their screens. This fluid has a much lower freezing point than current E-ink, so it will continue to function when deployed in a freezer (as cold as -25 C).

aurora e-ink screen shelf label 2

They're expected to hit the market later this year and be available in sizes ranging from 2" to 7.4".

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* A quick Google search indicates that several existing electronic shelf labels will reportedly work in a freezer case. I don't know who to believe but I wanted to share my confusion.

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  1. please i want to ask about price for 2.7″ smart tag ( if qty is 20000 unit ) and the cost to receive it here in egypt.

    thanks and best regards

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