The Morning Coffee – 26 July 2013

yzfPhKfh2[1]Here are a few stories to read this morning.

  • Obscenity Case Files: Roth v. United States (Comic Book Legal Defense Fund)
  • Print Dead At 1,803 (The Onion)
  • The Unfortunate Legacy of Richard Matheson: On the Roots and Unfairly Repellant Qualities of Less-Than-Stellar Film Adaptations (The Millions)
  • Why All Self-Publishers Should Sell Direct (The Writing Platform)
  • About Nate Hoffelder (10619 Articles)
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    1. Al the Great and Powerful // 26 July, 2013 at 1:42 am // Reply

      Some real lemons in today’s bunch. Marco comes off all apple-loving hater, and Suw Charman-Anderson (Why All Self-Publishers…) sounds like a mix of “listen to MY anecdote” and “I know the one true way” and bragging all rolled up in one puff piece.

      While both got my attention, it was negative in both cases – I am going to actively avoid both authors work from now on. Way to sell, authors!

      • I also thought Marco came off as an Apple snob but I don’t see the issue with the other.

        • He’s got a point though. On our web site ( we have over 9000 visitors a month from tablets (growing at roughly 7% a year but that might change when the students head back to university). About 1000 of them are android users, the rest are using iPads as their device. That ratio has been consistent for the last year.

          I don’t think the Nexus 7 (MkII) is the completely killer device Google thinks it is (the Motorola phone coming out next month might be), but the Mk III device might be.

          I also note that Samsung sold fewer smartphones than they thought last quarter. Maybe we are reaching saturation point for the market.

          • Could it be that Android is far more focused on apps? That might explain the discrepancy between the large number of satisfied Android tablet owners I know and the lack of web browsing.

            • I agree that its partly the apps. I think a lot of them are being used for games and video watching. Which ironically suggests they are being used more as focused devices (games or in amazons case, video) rather than the general computers we thought the android devices would excel at. I think its also partly design.

              To this day I find the keyboard on the Nook HD frustrating to use compared to the iPad. Everything just seems to work better, a view which I find disappointing in a way.

              Did you notice in the business week article 25% of Kindle Fire users never read an ebook in the last year on it?

            • The Business week article report has a flip side: 75% of Fire owners read ebooks on them even though many, if not most, bought them for the other uses.
              Tablets (and cellphones) are a way to sell ebooks to casual readers.
              There’s a reason Kobo is in the tablet business.

    2. Al the Great and Powerful // 26 July, 2013 at 11:36 am // Reply

      For me the Nexus is all about the apps. I use it every day.

      As for the web, I would browse the web more on a larger screen – I don’t like the cramped feel of a phone or 7-inch tablet. If I was going to be on the web a lot, I’d get a bigger tablet (not the ipad, something running Android).

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