The Morning Coffee – 30 July 2013

tumblr_mqcgptC1iO1qd206po1_500[1]Here are a few stories to read this morning.

  • Amazon wages war against everybody, not just publishing (FutureBook)
  • Barnes & Noble's Ex-CEO Might Still Have a Job If He Cared About Books (The Atlantic Wire)
  • Booksellers furious that Obama is giving jobs speech from Amazon warehouse (GigaOm)

  • Does Asking for Money on Scribd Negate Creative Commons? (Go To Hellman)
  • Jeff Bezos Ate My Hamster (FutureBook)
  • Penguin's insane policy on electronic galleys for authors (Boing Boing)
  • Why I don’t like Tumblr & Posterous (Leon Paternoster)
  • About Nate Hoffelder (10600 Articles)
    Nate Hoffelder is the founder and editor of The Digital Reader:"I've been into reading ebooks since forever, but I only got my first ereader in July 2007. Everything quickly spiraled out of control from there. Before I started this blog in January 2010 I covered ebooks, ebook readers, and digital publishing for about 2 years as a part of MobileRead Forums. It's a great community, and being a member is a joy. But I thought I could make something out of how I covered the news for MobileRead, so I started this blog."

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    1. Nice trio of Amazon Derangement Syndrome articles.
      I love the clueless comments to the Obama speech article.
      Has me wondering if the whole “Amazon is eeee-vile” meme is an east coast/west coast thing. Amazon being a west coast techie firm and most of their detractors being, ahem, od-school easterners of the political persuasion trying to rebrand itself. 😉

      I do find the criticism of Amazon’s jobs amusing; the jobs are hard entry level manual labor. But where the highest minimum wage in the land is $10 (San Fran, of course) Amazon employees start at $12 with full medical and ample chances to move up out of the warehouse. They even offer free training and education to those willing and able to move to much higher-paying jobs.
      “Last year, Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos used the front page of the company’s website to announce a Career Choice program that pays thousands of dollars for warehouse employees to take technical and vocational courses in high-demand areas including engineering, information technology, transportation and accounting.”

      Absolutely eeee-vile indeed.
      (I really like the Hamster article, BTW.)

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