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Kindle Fire HD is On Sale Again -$159

kindle fire hdIf you're still in the market for an Android tablet then I have a deal for you. A reader has tipped me to another sale on the Kindle Fire HD.

Amazon has put their 7" Android media tablet on sale today. This is the third sale in only a couple months, and like past sales this price is probably only good for a limited time.

The 16GB model is marked down to $159, and the 32GB model is now selling for $189.


Thanks, Tim!


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9 Comments on Kindle Fire HD is On Sale Again -$159

  1. I think you’re right about the limited time only part…it could be over before the end of the day. However, I could be wrong since the new Nexus is not much more expensive than the regular price on the K7HD 16 GB. IMHO, $189 is a pretty good price for a 32 GB tablet…I ordered one.

  2. Yesterday’s tablet, while a bunch of newer ones are or will be launching soon. If you wait another few months, you can probably pick it up for $120. We were talking a while before about how NOOK always managed to overshoot demand and produce way more tablets than the market could absorb, but Amazon always does the same thing. I remember seeing a lot of “free Kindle Fire” promotional deals last year, as in “buy four new tires and get a free Kindle Fire”.

  3. Interesting. If I click on your link, it costs $159. If I go to the regular, it costs $214. I don’t plan on buying it, but that’s quite a big difference. It is now 9:14 Central Time. That was a pretty short sale. I hope someone uses the link to buy one and lets us know.

  4. It still shows $159 on the main page for me. I ordered a 32 GB KF at 8:14 EDT and it came up at $189, which is correct.

  5. I don’t think Amazon overshoots their needs too much on either tablets or eink readers. They ran out of new 8 GB Fires last year before the new ones came out. The only model they’ve sold that they may have overproduced was the DX. On the other hand, B&N is still trying to get rid of the 2011 STRs even though they now have the UK to soak up the last of them.

  6. $169 is too much for a lowres tablet. Nook HD+ is much better alternative for a better price.

  7. Amazon is still trying to get rid of the Kindle Keyboards from nearly as long ago as well.

    Both companies way overestimated eInk demand in late-2010/2011.

  8. Amazon stopped selling the KK back in May. Amazon kept stocking the KK because people were still buying them. I purchased a couple last year myself…it was the last Kindle that you could use the so-called web browser with the 3G. It had a major update last September which added KF8 compatibility. That plus the fact that Ammy never put it on sale or had BOGOs leads me to believe it wasn’t overstock.

  9. It’s much more likely that the KK was kept because it was part of Amazon’s device strategy: budget, touch, and keyboard. That’s 3 distinct product categories, so unless Amazon wanted to replace the KK it made sense to keep it around.

    And once the KK got KF8 it was definitely worth buying. That made it clear that Amazon was actively supporting it.

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