Crema Shine E-ink Android Tablet Launched in South Korea – Android 4.0, Frontlight, & More

shineThe tech mecca of South Korea will soon get another reason to gloat. While the rest of the world has to content itself with E-ink Android tablets running Android 2.3, South Korea now boasts a 6" ereader (with an E-ink screen) which runs Android 4.0.The Crema Shine  is a rather generic looking device with a 6" Pearl HD E-ink display, touchscreen, frontlight, and Wifi. It ships with 8GB of storage, a microSD card slot, and it ships with a limited reading app which supports Epub and PDF.

According to the procut listing, this tablet/ereader runs Android 4.0 on a 1GHz CPU. That means it is running a considerably newer version of Android that the Tolino Shine (available in Germany) or the Boox i63ML Maxwell (available in Russia).


That makes it a much more appealing device than either of the models available at the moment, and the low retail price only helps make it more attractive.

The Crema Shine has a retail price of 149,000 South Korean won, or about $133 USD. That is about the same retail price as the Tolino Shine (99 euros), though of course the taxes differ (and shipping will add considerable cost).

This device is up for pre-order in South Korea at Yes24 and Aladin. It's expected to ship on 26 August, almost a year to the day after the release of its predecessor.

When I last heard the name Crema, it was in relation to the Crema Touch, a 6" ereader launched last August. At that time I noted that the Crema Touch was backed by a coalition of 5 Korean publishers and the ebook service firm Korea Epub. This coalition also has reading apps for Android, iPad, and iPhone as well as their own ebookstore which is accessible from inside the Android app and on the Cream Touch and Shine.

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