Digg Releases new iPhone App And New Digg Reader for Mobile Web

digg_reader_logo[1]My least favorite news reader has just gone commando.Digg posted a blog post today touting several new updates. They've released a new iOS app (and have an Android app in the final stages of beta testing) and they've released a new version of Digg Reader which is designed to work in mobile web browsers.

The new mobile interface, which you can test out by pointing  your smartphone or tablet browser to digg.com/reader, reportedly captures the look and feel of the iPhone app, only without the app. I've tried it for a few minutes, and from what I can tell it is as fast as the regular Digg Reader.

Digg was careful to remind us that it’s still a beta product, and that it won’t work perfectly on some devices. Here's what it looks like:

Mobile Web digg

And in other news Digg has also pushed out an update for their iPhone app. This update includes a bunch of features that I would think were desperately needed, including:

  • We’ve added the “Popular” section to Digg Reader, enabling you to sort any of your feeds in order of their popularity across the social web.
  • You can now choose to see only unread items in any Digg Reader feed.  All feeds have a simple pull-down menu where you can toggle between All and Unread-only views.
  • You can also turn on a new setting to show only folders and feeds with unread items.
  • You can now delete feeds and folders directly in the app.
  • We’ve improved scrolling performance, and added support for Readability.

I hadn't tried the Digg app, but some of the features mentioned above are pass/fail for me. I would have considered the app to be unusable without them.

And in other news, Digg is also right about ready to release the long promised Android app:

You may be asking yourself, “Where’s my freaking Android app?”  The answer is:  On my Nexus 4, right now.  We’re doing final QA on our Android beta.  Coming your way very, very soon.


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