Infographic: 7 Surprising Book Facts

tumblr_msda6js7Cl1rp5vgro1_500[1]Did you know that a third of high school graduates  never crack open another book once they leave school?  I did, but I didn't know that the same could be said for 42% of college grads.The following infographic includes 7 surprising facts about reading, including one that in practical terms isn't true. There are a lot of technical fields where reading alone won't make you an expert; that takes doing the work.Update: This infographic has been thoroughly debunked by a reader who pointed out that the Pew Research Center has survey data to prove that at least 3 of the 7 data points are nonsense. Thanks, rebecca!



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  1. very,Very, VERY, interesting infographic, assuming it is correct.

  2. That 80% of US families one is the one I cannot understand… Not buying a book, ok, you can go to libraries for that. But not reading a book?!?!

    • I don’t find that hard to believe at all. I would guess that at least 80 percent of the folks where I live own only one book. They don’t read that one; they prefer to have it interpreted for them with a lot of fire and brimstone.

  3. I’ve never been to a book store in ages, either. I buy usually three to four books per year and read them online.

  4. I’m not surprised about the ‘no reading’ results…most homes i have visited over the last 30 years, even those owned by university-educated people in them, rarely have more than a few books on a small shelf.

  5. Yeah … but don’t forget that fewer than 75% of High School students actually graduate … and 2010 represented a 40 year all time high for this. A reasonable 30% of American adults have a college degree. Still, that leaves an awful lot of households with less and less propensity to read books — especially with so many other distractions like, um, blogs.


    Actual source with actual data clearly indicates this infographic is wrong. Like most infographics.

  7. Thank goodness the infographic’s wrong. It made me nervous – very hard to believe.

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