Angry Robot Books Announces the Expansion of CloneFiles – an eBook Bundling Program For Indie Bookstores

angry-robot-logo[1]Amazon might be getting all the attention today with the newly announced Kindle Matchbook program but they're not the only ones in the game.The UK-based SF and horror publisher Angry Robot Books announced today that they are expanding CloneFiles, their ebook bundling program. This program had been available in the UK since July of last year, and in the coming months US book buyers will be gain the ability to buy an Angry Robot title and get a DRM-free ebook at no cost.

The US branch of CloneFiles is still in the process of being set up not, but that's not because it was a spur of the moment announcement. You see, this program has rather unusual requirements as to where the paper books can be bought. This offer isn't good for AR Books bought via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any of the major chains.

In order to get a free ebook via the CloneFiles program, you have to buy it from a participating indie bookstore. While that does tend to limit the number of readers that can participate, it also serves a dual purpose of supporting indie bookstores. From the way the publisher describes the program I think they feel the latter is just as important as the former.

Right now there are only 7 participating bookstores in the UK with 4 more described as having expressed an interest. For more details, contact Angry Robot Books at:


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  1. Only from indie bookstores, eh? *sigh* One gets tired of the constant “fuck-you!”s from self-righteous doucebags who don’t quite seem to twig to the fact that for a lot of us the nearest indie is a five or six hour drive each way.

    I’m sure if I still lived in downtown London or Manhattan I’d take full advantage of this, but as it is….well, Amazon is happy to take my money.

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