The Pocketbook Touch Basic Ships in October, Will Cost $99 Euros (or Less)

624basic-touch_grey_en_frontrender[1]Pocketbook is at IFA-Berlin this year showing off their new CoverReader smartphone case, and today they also unveiled a new ereader.The Pocketbook Touch Basic is an upgrade to last year's Pocketbook Basic, and it features a faster CPU, increased storage, a capacitive touchscreen, and Wifi.

As you can see from the image at right and the photo and demo video below, this new ereader looks almost identical to existing models like the Pocketbook Touch.

It looks like this ereader could be intended as both a cut down and updated version of the Pocketbook Touch. The Touch Basic has a 1GHz CPU, more RAM, Pearl E-ink screen (and not HD), 4GB of storage, and a microSD card slot. This model is also missing a headphone jack and any audio ability.


Pocketbook is also saying that this model features a new touchscreen tech:

PocketBook Basic Touch comes with “Film Touch” technology, which offers higher touch sensitivity with minimal thickness, which is important to achieve a more paper-like reading experience!

There's no mention of the new Regal Waveform tech found in the new Paperwhite and the Kobo Aura, but I am betting that this ereader will have it.

The Touch Basic is expected to ship in Europe in October with a retail of 99 euros (edit: or less).

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5 Comments on The Pocketbook Touch Basic Ships in October, Will Cost $99 Euros (or Less)

  1. I thought this had no HD screen.

  2. Without screen-light I don’t think it’s a good alternative to the PW or Kobo, unless of course they do really price it very aggressively at less than 80 €… Then it could be a good alternative for beginners. One interesting feature that was mentioned in the videao is that Dopbox appears to be integrated.

    • Unfortunately, Dropbox, as a proprietary interface, is not a very good solution. They introduced support for it with the latest firmware for their Touch Lux. It wouldn’t have hurt, though, to implement a general solution that allowed users to integrate any webspace that can be accessed via some URL.

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