Icarus to Release Illumina HD – Frontlight, HD E-ink Screen, 109 Euros

Illumina HDIcarus has just just unveiled their newest ereader 6" ereader, or as I like to call it: what Amazon, B&N, and Kobo released last year.As you can guess from the name, the Illumina HD has a Pearl HD E-ink screen (1024x768), touchscreen, Wifi,  and a frontlight - all features that the major ereader makers adopted last year.

This ereader is equipped with 4GB of storage, a microSD card slot, and Wifi. As you can see in the image  below, the Illumina hs equipped with page turn buttons, a d-pad, and 4 buttons below the screen. Why the designers chose to include both a touchscreen and a d-pad, I do not know. But I am happy to see the page turn buttons.

Illumina HD

eBook format support includes Epub, FB2, PDF, and Mobi, and it can also display html, RTF, and TXT files. The Illumina HD can also play music, and this is where it shines. The supported music formats include Flac, AAC, mp3, Wav, WMA, and OGG Vorbis.

According to my source the frontlight can be set to 8 different levels of illumination and it can also be disabled. Readers can also install custom fonts and change margins and line spacing.

The Illumina HD is going to be available next week with a retail of 109 euros, or 20 euros less than the new Kindle Paperwhite. That device is going to be shipping in Europe on 9 October.





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3 Comments on Icarus to Release Illumina HD – Frontlight, HD E-ink Screen, 109 Euros

  1. Is it my imagination, or is there a lot more diversity of e-reader hardware in Europe than in the USA?

    • Well, a lot of them are Chinese designs that have been rebranded. But there are a lot of different models from a bunch of different companies, yes.

      Europe is where the fun stuff is happening.

      • For once it is more fun to be in europe in regards to variety of ebook reader hardware. But like you said Nate, most of them are not that different under the hood.
        Hope this will stay this way for some time, since I feel it helps the ecosystem if there is not just Kindle, Kobo etc.

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