Hands-On with the imcoV6L E-ink Android Tablet (video)

IimcoV6L didn't have much to say when I first reported on the imcoV6L  a couple days ago but that changed this morning.Johannes of lesen.net has posted a hands-on video of this ereader. He puts it though its paces and confirms that this device has a frontlight, speaker, touchscreen, and that it can read ebooks.

He doesn't get a chance to test whether you can install apps, but he does note in his blog post that the demo unit felt unfinished. That suggests that even if he had tried to install an app it might not have worked due to this unit being a pre-production unit.

Update:  I have a conflicting report from a reader who says that this ereader felt more finished than Johannes reported. Also, you can install apps. Thanks, Mike!

Johannes also confirmed that the incoV6l runs Android 2.3. That's going to make it a little hard to find apps  which will run on this ereader. Of course, this device is also limited by its hardware specs, so the outdated OS might not be important.

The incoV6L has 1GHz CPU with 256MB RAM and 4GB of Flash storage. It also has a touchscreen, frontlight, Wifi, a microSD card slot, and a speaker. As you can see in the video, it has page turn buttons on either side of the Pearl HD E-ink screen.

This ereader should be able to buy ebooks directly from ebookstores, but Imco does not plan to bundle their own ebookstore on the device.

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  1. I have read the report from Johannes as well and also was at the Imcosys booth at the Frankfurter book fair testing the device myself. In contraditction to Johannes’ comments the device did not make an unfinished impression to me. In addition I asked and had the chance to install an app which worked perfectly fine. Also, some applications and functions that he mentions are missing in the device are very well there. Having handled the device myself, my impression of the touch screen was good (I assume handling a device from the side with a video camera in the other hand makes it difficult to handle a device correctly).

  2. I was also at the Imcosys booth, and the video also seems to be from there. There were two men demoing the devices in German to individual users. After waiting for 15 minutes (I did walk around and came back repeatedly, I’m not that stupid) they were still demoing to the same 1 and 3 people.

    Decided to eff off, but asked were the prices (39 and 49 euros OR 49 and 59 euros, can’t remember) (the other model was probably imcoB6TW) for consumers or retailers. He said it was book fair offer for consumers.

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