This Note Writing Robot Could be an Author’s Best Friend (video)

Abond note writing robot new retail startup is getting a lot of attention this week for their note writing robot, but once I saw the video I knew that this device would be perfect for authors.Bond is a new service that makes it easy to give nice gifts, and as part of their effort to offer the recipient the best experience possible they had a signing robot designed and built. Customers can request a special note when buying the gift and this bot will write the note:

I'm sure you've already seen the video, but have you considered how this could be used by authors?

Once the design gets sophisticated enough, this bot could be used to write inscriptions in books. Authors could provide a sample of their handwriting and let the robot autograph their books. The robot could be located at the distributor's warehouse where it could crank out signatures for dozens of different authors - for a fee, of course.

Amazon would love the idea, I think, but it would need a lot of customization options before the robot could see widespread use. For example, the robot might be improved by adding an option for drunkenness. If an author is know for knocking back drinks at conferences before signing books then the robot should try to duplicate the drunken penmanship.

They might also want to add a cumulative fatigue option (to simulate long book-signing sessions), or an illegibility option. My penmanship, for example, ranges from atrocious to illegible. There are times where I have trouble reading what I wrote, and I'm sure there are authors who have a similar flair for unique penmanship.

P.S. If anyone does use this service please promise me that you'll have the robot write something like "kill all the humans" or "all hail Skynet" or "Help! I'm trapped in Bond's sweatshop!"

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