Oyster Launches an iPad App, Opens Subscription Service to the Public

Whenoyster[1] Oyster launched their ebook subscription service last month its chief criticisms were that it was limited to only a handful of beta users and required an iPhone in order to read ebooks. That changed today.Oyster has just released the iPad app they have been promising us for the past month, and they are also reporting that their service has left beta and is now open to the public.

According to Oyster, the iPad app is very similar to the iPhone app, but it has been improved in ways that let it take better advantage of the tablet's larger screen real estate. Oyster highlights books in different categories and shows which books your friends are reading on the service.

Oyster hasn't released any details about their customer base, but they did note that a million pages  were read during their first 10 days, with a second million pages read in the 6 days after that.


Oyster also didn't seem fazed by the recent launch of Scribd's ebook subscription service. Oyster was quickly overshadowed by their larger and more capable competitor, but that doesn't seem to bother them.

CEO Eric Stromberg has been ducking my emails, but he told Mashable that  he expected to see some competition. "It's no surprise that other people see that same opportunity that we see," he said. "But the space is very early."

When asked whether he believes ebook subscription subscriptions could be a multi-billion dollar market, Stromberg had a cautious answer.. "We have aspirations for our company and certainly look to other companies like Netflix, one of the largest technology companies in the world, and see that as a great indicator that a company like ours can grow."

On a related note, there's no news today on when Oyster will launch an Android app. They recently advertised the position on their website, but the actual release of the app is of course at least 6 months away.





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