Is Anyone Having Trouble Accessing This Blog?

Over the past few days I have gotten a few reports of technical issues when visitors try to load The Digital Reader.

I have been told by one that she couldn't load the page, and I have also been told that sometimes the article doesn't load completely.

Has anyone had problems? Thanks!

12 thoughts on “Is Anyone Having Trouble Accessing This Blog?

  1. Ironically, as I was reading your query on the home page, the download froze and IE 10.0.09.nnn reported “The Digital Reader not responding” but after a moment, it resumed downloading and all is okay. It was fine earlier this morning (Oct5 28, ~7am mountain time) on an XP machine with an older version of IE.

  2. No problem most of the time. I believe there was a day when it gave me problems, and 404’d a couple of times. That was short lived, and I don’t report issues that resolve after a few minutes. I waited about 10 minutes and tried again that day, and it worked.

  3. Just after reading this blog post, I used the navigation link to go to the next one, and received a 500 error, even when I tried going back. I retried a few seconds later and all went well.

  4. Here in the states. Had trouble accessing the blog for several weeks (Google Chrome). The page would load very messily, and if I tried to click on any links, the site would then be blocked (at work).

    All those problems seem to have vanished now

  5. Looks OK from Chrome in Switzerland.

    On the other hand, I must say that things works better now! The redirectingat service you used before was blacklisted at work, by an overzealous IT department. Now that you’ve removed it, I can actually click on the links again…

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