The Morning Coffee – 11 November 2013

Hot stories this morning include a parent's explanation for why she doesn't read ebooks to her kids, a review of the Surface Pro 2 tablet, the return of fake book reviews, a Kickstarter project that tries to show neurotypicals what dyslexics see when they look at text, and more.

  • tumblr_mvyi97xQxX1r65mklo1_500[1]Ada’s Technical Books shows how bookstores can survive in an e-book world (TeleRead)
  • Amazon Publishing: More Than Bricks-and-Mortar (PW)
  • Changes to copyright laws could be very good or very bad; it depends on who's involved (Engadget)
  •  McAfee Brands The Pirate Bay as a Security Threat (TorrentFreak)
  • The MS Surface Pro 2 Review: Loved the idea, hated the execution (DearAuthor)
  • Our understanding of “paywall” needs to change (PandoDaily)
  • Stealth Sock Puppetry Returns to Amazon (FutureBook)
  • This Book Shows You What It's Like to Have Dyslexia (Gizmodo)
  • Why I Don't Read Digital Books to My Kids (The HuffPost)

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3 Comments on The Morning Coffee – 11 November 2013

  1. “Neuroticals” lol… I think you mean “neurotypicals”. Neurotical sounds a great word though!

  2. The Publishers’ weekly article is interesting: all the hype over Amazon withdrawing from publishing got them to reveal numbers.
    Those are pretty good.
    So much for the “bookstores are essential to discoverability” meme.
    They may not be in Randy Penguin territory but they certainly are one of the bigger independents.

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