New Leaked Benchmark Confirms New BNTV800 Nook Tablet With Tegra 4 Chip

Remember that newnookshd[1] Nook Android tablet that my sources said would be launched in October but B&N said would not be launched this year? B&N might not be planning to ship the tablet this year, but they do have it under development and it just showed up on a benchmark website.

According to GFX Bench the new Nook device, which I am calling the Nook X, will have the model number BNTV800 and run Android 4.2.2 on an Nvidia Tegra 4 chip.

There's very little other information available, but I can tell you that the CPU speed registered at 1.8GHz. I also know that the screen resolution is 1620 x 1080, but I can't tell you about the screen size.

That's not a standard resolution, so there's really no way tell how big B&N's new tablet really is. While it is possible that B&N might have a tablet with a nominal screen size of 1620 x 1200 and decided to reserve the missing 192 pixels for onscreen buttons, I would not bet on it.


And I wouldn't bother trying to guess the screen size from the model number; one has nothing to do with the other. The new Nook Glow, for example, has a model number of BNVR500-A, even though it has a 6" screen. in fact, the only relevant detail I can deduce from the model number is that this is a tablet (bnTv800, the T is for tablet).

The Nook X has yet to be confirmed by B&N but past leaks have given us a few hints. I know that B&N has commissioned a for Dummies book, and I know that a product listing for a BT keyboard showed up on the B&N website. I still haven't managed to get my hands on either item but they tended to support B&N's past statements that they had a new tablet in the works.

Update: That B&N branded BT keyboard is now available on the B&N website.

This new model hasn't shown up on the FCC website yet, and I have not found it on any other resource website like Google's list of supported Android devices. But I am sure it will show up in short order.

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9 Comments on New Leaked Benchmark Confirms New BNTV800 Nook Tablet With Tegra 4 Chip

  1. omg. Does this mean they are trying to match the specs of the Ematic?

  2. I recall something that NOOK Media CEO Michael Huseby said, I think it was in a conference call, to the effect that while content sell through on their eink devices was pretty good, sell through on their tablets was awful. Basically, they were spending all this money to get these devices into the hands of customers and seeing no real return from it.

    Those numbers are probably the reason why NOOK decided to launch the Glowlight but kill this device.

    • Okay, but why did B&N take so long to kill this device? They had a launch window picked out, commissioned a for Dummies book, and even had a new accessory planned. That’s a lot of money to throw away.

    • If you take the time to look at the date that the benchmarks were performed (November 15th), you would realize that they occurred after the launch of the NGL. This is obviously something that BN is still working on.

      • Still working on?

        That doesn’t explain why my sources said that it would launch in October.

        I was discussing that leak yesterday with a few people and one suggested that B&N was hoping to distract from the bad news in quarterly report. I think he’s right. The timing is simply too suspicious for it to be a coincidence.

  3. Nate you are right about the keyboard, I went to my local store they have them coming in this week they said they have some box to promote it but can’t display it till the sales stock arrives.

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