The Morning Coffee – 4 December 2013

Top stories this morning include a humorous post about being a book nerd (link), another post on ebook returns (link), a post which questions whether Amazon might be about to change the rules on KDP Select (link), a critique of horribly bad marketing (link), and more.

  • 20 Things That Happen When You're a Book Nerd (BookRiot)
  • Author-Booksellers Share Their “Shop Indie” Saturday Stories (PW)
  • E-Book Returns and the Problem With the Subscription Model (Critical Margins)
  • Facebook Wants To Fill Your News Feed With Actual News (ReadWrite)
  • Instapaper’s Chrome extension gets right-click saving, highlighting for article descriptions and more (TNW)
  • Waterstones announces plan to counter Amazon drones with trained owls (TeleRead)
  • Weak ties (Brian O'Leary)
  • Why Writers Must Self-Publish Their Books (The Book Designer)
  • Will Amazon Deliver Coal In The Stocking For Kindle Publishers? (Self Publishing 2.0)
  • Your Book Is Not Pepper Spray That You Must Fountain Into My Eyes (terribleminds: chuck wendig)

Next up is a video of Michael Tamblyn's presentation at the Futurebook conference 2 weeks ago where he explains why Kobo purged so many self-pub titles back in October.


And in my second bundle of posts today, the hot stories include yet another example that dropping DRM increases sales (link), another look at Worldreader's efforts in Africa (link), an interview of a thriving small publisher (link), and more.

  • 10 things you should know about iBooks and iBooks Store (eBookFriendly)
  • Authors create product, readers consume product—those in between must provide long-term value (Write on the River)
  • The E-Reading Software That's Better Than Kindle or iBooks (The Atlantic)
  • Prospering in the squeezed middle of publishing (BookBrunch)
  • What Piracy? Removing DRM Boosts Music Sales by 10 Percent (TorrentFreak)
  • Will e-publishing help Africa switch on to reading? (BBC News)

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