The Morning Coffee – 23 December 2013

Top stories this morning include a look at Amazon's ongoing effort to ghettoize erotica (link), a set of 10 not so bold predictions (link), alove note to audiobooks (link), and more.

  • Genre versus Author Platform? Which Matters More? by C.S. Lakin (The Book Designer)
  • How can Barnes & Noble compete in 2014 and beyond? (Dear Author)
  • Marketing for the Long Haul: The Shifting Ground of Book PR in 2014 (DBW)
  • MONSTER PORN: Amazon’s Crackdown On America’s Latest Sex Fantasy (Business Insider)
  • Moving Toward an Ebook Standard (InfoToday)
  • Publishing and Payments - recap and redux (Rocket Bomber)
  • Self-Publishing Comparison Review: Amazon vs. Indie Sales Platforms (TNW)
  • Static Cling Sticky Notes That Stick Without the Sticky (Gizmodo)
  • Ten Bold Predictions for Ebooks and Digital Publishing in 2014 (DBW)
  • The Year I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Audiobooks (Book Riot)

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