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Boeye Shows Off Android E-ink Tablets in Hong Kong (video)

CES boeye android e-ink tablet 2.3 gingerbread2014 is all about tablets and mobile gadgets, but it's not the only tech trade show in the world. Charbax caught up with Boeye, a Chinese OEM, at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair a while back and got a look at their Android E-ink tablets. Boeye's tablets sport a 6" E-ink screen and run Android 2.3 Gingerbread on a Rockchip RK2906 CPU. They're ready to be produced now, and there is at least one model with a frontlight and a touchscreen.

Boeye is also working on an update which adds Android 4.0, and it should be ready soon. They also offer a number of other models, including a couple devices that are simple ebook readers based on Linux and not Android. They also have 7" and 8" Android tablets available for license.

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  1. Great news for my long-term plan to flood the Chinese marketplace with my work. Hurry up Chinese!

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