UnGlue.it Launches new “Buy to Unglue” Campaign With SF Anthology Lagos_2060

How would logo[2]you like to buy an ebook, contribute to a library, and encourage authors to release their work under a CC license, all in one fell swoop?Having successfully completed an early beta test in November 2013, the ebook service UnGlue.it announced a new crowd-funding campaign today. This site is looking to release Lagos_2060, a recently published SF anthology, under a Creative Commons license and they want your help.

Lagos_2060 features the work of 8 authors who have written SF stories about that city. The stories were written as part of a recent writer's conference, and they are set in the year 2060 (hence the name). They examine what Lagos and Nigeria might look like 100 years after gaining its independence from Great Britain. The book is not available elsewhere as an ebook, but it was released last Fall as an $18 POD book (Amazon).

lagos 2060This campaign has a goal of raising $30,000 to pay the 8 authors who contributed to the anthology. The ebook is being sold DRM-free with a price tag of $6, and if enough supporters buy a copy of the ebook then the title will be released under a CC license.

That's quite a different model from the crowd-funding model UnGlue.it launched with in late 2012. At that time UnGlue.it campaigns were set to release the title only after all of the funds were raised. This proved to not be very popular, and only 4 titles were successfully funded and released (with around 300 contributors on each campaign).

Apparently not very many people liked the idea of paying for a book but not getting it. This is rather puzzling, given the success of Kickstarter and other crowd-funding sites, and it inspired UnGlue.it to change from asking for contributions to instead selling the ebook and then releasing it under a CC license (for all to download and read) after enough money has been raised.

Speaking of letting everyone read the ebook, UnGlue.it also lets supporters buy a copy of an ebook for a participating library. The ebook belongs to the library, and contributing reader will be able to check it out. I like the idea but unfortunately only one library is participating at this time.


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