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Shenzhen Zhengfang Shows Off a Sub-$90 Smartwatch (video)

CES 350X350_cb3dcc2dbd2014 has come and gone but the hands on videos continue to be posted to Youtube. In this recently posted video Charbax caught up with Shenzhen Zhengfang Enterprises, and they showed him one of the more than a dozen smartwatches listed on their website.

Both the video and the website are scarce on details, but I'm fairly certain that we're looking at this model. It doesn't have a name, but we do know that it's a true smartwatch running Android on a single core MediaTek CPU with a camera, 3G (and Wifi, probably).

This watch can make phone calls, but it can only get about 3 hours of battery life from its 600mAh battery. After that you'll need to recharge the battery via the included custom dongle. The sample price is $90 for serious potential customers, but if you want to buy in bulk the minimum order quantity is 100 pieces.

I'm not the type of person to wear a watch, and in fact I've never worn a watch, but I can't help but be fascinated by the tech. As I watch new entrants into the market reveal more and more models, I can't help but hope it's the beginning of a new stage of miniaturization with more and more abilities packed into smaller volumes. With luck, all this effort to produce a compact smartwatch will enable the development of tablets with better battery life that weigh even less than what we can buy today.

I know that might sound optimistic, but similar side effects have happened in the past. Cheaper components developed for netbooks and touchscreens and battery tech originally developed for smartphones enabled tablets like the iPad to be lighter and better than anyone expected. We could see that trend happen again thanks to the smartwatch market.

I still don't think much of smartwatches per se, but nonetheless I'm keeping an eye on the market because I anticipate that it will cause ripple effects in other mobile device categories, including the tablets I might be reporting on next year.

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  1. I lived in Shenzhen for 5 years. If we wanted anything electronic (well, anything that would work after 3 months) we’d go across the border to Hong Kong.

    Is this company different? I don’t know anything about them, but I did talk to a helluva lot of businessmen in Shenzhen and I bet they’d be a bit leery.

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