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Amazon Knocks the Price of the Kindle Down to £59 in The UK

I think Amazon's facing more pressure in the UK (or maybe they just want to have another sale). Amazon's Kindle K4cheapest ebook reader just got a little more budget-priced today.

They've knocked £10 off the price of the Kindle, bringing it to an appealing £59. This is the basic model Kindle, which means it lacks the touchscreen, frontlight, fast CPU, or other frills found on the more expensive models. On the other hand it also has an ever falling price, which is itself appealing.

The retail giant faces perennial pressure in the UK from any number of competitors. Today it might be Sainsbury's, but tomorrow it could be Sony, and then Nook, Kobo, or even Tesco (at some unknown future date), each of which might throw a sale in order to attract customers.

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4 Comments on Amazon Knocks the Price of the Kindle Down to £59 in The UK

  1. Yes, look at the Kobo pricing found at WH Smith

    The comparable device would be the Touch at £29

  2. Yes, WH Smith have been out of stock of both the Kobo Mini and Touch for the last few days, which you don’t find out until you elect to buy

  3. Unimpressive from a German perspective since sells the basic Kindle for 49 EUR for months already. Since recently, the price for the 2nd generation Paperwhite also dropped to 99 EUR there. Prices for Kobo Touch and Kobo mini are actually rising here. I just checked current listings and found prices for these two to be at least 50% above what they used to be not long ago.

  4. Since I don’t like the touchscreen, this one is more appealing anyway!

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