The Morning Coffee – 10 February 2014

tumblr_mztnzfFOgX1sm6x89o2_500[1]Top stories this Monday morning include a how to guide from Dear Author (link), new details about ebook sales in Poland (link), a new class system with indie authors at the bottom (link), and more.

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  1. The Maas article has generated a lot of responses…challenging…it and its unfortunate terminology. Konrath and Eisler took the article apart line by line and Dean Wesley Smith went after Maas directly.
    There has been a recent trend of agents attacking indie publishing and demeaning the writers and some are taking it personal. The war is escalating. Worse is yet to come.

    • “Disruptive technologies” like the internet, mobile computing, “the cloud” and so on, are having deep impacts in much of our way of life. Retail stores, especially media-centric ones, are having a harder time than ever, and many kinds of jobs are changing or disappearing. The people affected negatively are reacting as one would expect. Long-term, publishers are at risk, but near-term, agents are on the edge, and understandably so. Naturally, they are going to lash out.

      I have sympathy for anyone whose career is at risk – it is a scary place to be. In this case, I think everyone is losing – piracy affects everyone in the industry, the DRM response makes consumers unhappy, and meanwhile the middlemen are getting crushed. It sucks.

      Keep in mind most people are expert middlemen to one extent or another before you are too hard on the ones in this story.

    • As soon as I read “unprofitable midlist” I knew the guy was wrong on multiple levels.

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