The Morning Coffee – 14 February 2014

Top stories this morning include a couple critiques of Hugh Howey's Author Earnings Report (link, link), a literary author who doomed her mystery novel by opening her mouth (link), a satirical netowrking site for conjunctions (link), and more.

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  1. Both the attacks on Hugh Howey’s Report seem disingenuous and bury their lack of a real argument in layers of obfuscation.

    Dan Beth Weinberg (who has a doctorate and you don’t) goes on an on and simply ends with most self-published authors won’t make enough money to quit their jobs. Which seems to be the “on-message” spin by defenders of the Trads. But no one has argued that everyone who self-publishes will get rich, and certainly Hugh emphasized that point. It’s like shouting at American Idol fans that most people who audition won’t win. Everyone gets that. That’s the whole show. It’s like telling anyone who gets into politics that chances are they won’t be president. Okay.

    Mike Shatzkin goes on and on and says Hugh is giving horrible advice to writers and questions his agenda. He says Hughes facts are all wrong, but then says he has no facts to prove anything different. Yet he ends by saying that “genre writers” probably will benefit by self-publishing. Which was kind of the entire point of Hugh’s report.

    So, in the interests of saving your readers time, here is the basic form that all the anti-Hugh Howey’s Author Earnings report posts will take (no need to read them):

    1. Hugh Howey is a nice guy… blah… blah… but doesn’t understand statistics… ignores… could be a war criminal… probably evil.
    2. All facts are confusing… no one can really know anything for sure… the Earth could be round but it’s probably flat… up is usually down… reality is an illusion.
    3. You won’t get rich self-publshing so don’t try. Please… PLEASE don’t try.

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