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I’ve Replaced the Captcha

Having received numerous complaints about the captcha on the comment section, I have decided to replace it. I would appreciate it f everyone could try the new one and confirm that it works.


Update: Apparently the new plugin isn't working any better than the old one, but at least it's not broken - this one simply refuses to appear.

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11 Comments on I’ve Replaced the Captcha

  1. Testing…
    OK, no Captcha found! Success!

  2. Same here. No Captcha encountered.

    – Hans

  3. I use — it’s not great, as I still have to manually fish out legit pingbacks and trackbacks out of the spam folder before emptying it, but it works without a hitch and it’s been highly effective. Hope this helps!

  4. Thank you.

  5. I loved the first captcha.

  6. Me too, but it kept not working.

  7. Testing. No captcha seen.

  8. That’s because I couldn’t find one that worked consistently. I’ve since disabled and removed all the ones I tried.

  9. Hey-we’ve been really bothered by CAPTCHAs too, which is why we created PlayThru (a CAPTCHA replacement). If you’ve got a chance, give it a try and we’d love any feedback you might have.


  10. No captcha seen. Sorry.

  11. I can’t say enough good things about and their captcha

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