The Morning Coffee – 5 March 2014

Top stories this morning include a response to Dear Author's Sunday post about the ebook lemon market (link), accessible ereaders in India (link), an in-depth look at what went wrong when Jonathan Ross was asked to host the Hugos (link), SF authors who predicted the future - and got it wrong (link), and more.

  • 12 Books That End Mid-Sentence (PWxyz)
  • Don’t Touch That Screen – We Control The Browser (Self Publishing 2.0)
  • How to Upload Public Domain Books Straight to Your Kindle (
  • If So, Readers Sure Love Their Lemons (Edward W. Roberston)
  • LinkedIn walks like a publisher and talks like a publisher. But is it? (Fortune)
  • The sci-fi writers who got the future wrong (The Guardian)
  • Self-promotion tip of the day: Bitch up Amazon on Salon (TeleRead)
  • Visually-impaired students at University of Hyderabad get pocket readers (The Hindu)
  • The vitriol of Twitter: How social media torpedoed Jonathan Ross hosting the Hugos (TeleRead)

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  1. Al the Great and Powerful // 5 March, 2014 at 11:04 am // Reply

    “12 Books That End Mid-Sentence” are, for the most part, IMHO, twaddle. A few ‘classics,’ and a bunch of mainstream fiction that critics love, but not a single thing I’d care to read. I’d rather read propaganda, or cereal boxes than most of these guys. Seriously, who didn’t see a weird ending coming in a book from Kafka, Delany, Pynchon, or Ellis?

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