Apple Reports iPhone Sales Up, iPad Sales Down Last Quarter

Apple12_9_ipad_ipad_4_mini_light-800x450[1] released their quarterly financial statement today, and now I think we know why they re-released the iPad 4 late last month.The smartphone maker reported that they sold 43.7 million iPhones in Q2 2014, while iPad sales reached 16.4 million. Smartphone sales increase 17% over last year, but iPad sales dropped 13%. iPod sales and revenue dropped by more than half, to 2.8 million units.

Update: During their conference call Apple also reported sales of 20 million Apple TVs (9to5Mac). This $99 set top box is underpowered when compared to its new rival the Fire TV, but it is still selling at a decent clip.

In terms of revenue,  Apple reported a quarterly revenue of $45.6 billion and quarterly net profit of $10.2 billion. this is up slightly from the same quarter last year ($43.6 billion and net profit of $9.5 billion). iPhone revenues increased 14% last quarter, while iPad revenues were down 13%.

Like any other quarter without a major Apple launch, Spring is usually relatively quiet. The only part that surprised me today was that iPad sales dropped. I was expecting them to at least hold steady, but it looks like the 4 models Apple was selling weren't quite as popular as the three models (iPad Mini, iPad 4, and iPad 2) Apple offered in the same quarter last year.

Apple has recently retired the iPad 2 again, and replaced it with the iPad 4. This will probably cause a spike in sales in the April to June quarter, but we won't know that until July.

P.S. The lead image shows one blogger's concept design for the iPad Maxi, the 12.9" iPad model which like Schrodinger's cat both does and does not exist. There's no hard evidence of its existence, but given the drop in iPad sales I do expect to see it eventually.

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  1. I think the whole world is looking forward to a 129″ iPad maxi. You’ll probably need the new iCar just to transport it.

  2. Last year ipad channel inventory went up by 1.4 mil units in Q1 while this year channel inventory went down by 1.1 mil units. So actual sales were some 18.1 mil units last year and 17.45 this year. In q4 2012 the mini had broad shortages so they met demand only i Q1 while this time around they caught up with demand before Q1. So overall the ipad has mild growth but in all fairness that’s only because the Android guys suck so much. If you want a 7 inch 1280×800 quad A7/A9 tablet you have 500 options, if you want anything else and at a decent price ,you are left with a handful of options and none all that great.

  3. I’ve noticed that if you replace the Airport Extreme (2011 version) with last year’s version, the speed of the Apple TV go up by a factor of 3. So yes it might be underpowered, but that doesn’t help the other boxes out there if its the network array and speed which drags everything down.

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