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The Morning Coffee – 16 May 2014

Newsworthy stories this morning include a profile of Apple's favorite judge (link), the hassles of trying to retire an ebook from the Kindle Store (link), an author's take on Game of Thrones being written on Wordstar (link), and more.

  • Buffer adds RSS-style news feed and content suggestions to the social sharing mix, as it hits 1.5m users (TNW)
  • Humble Bundle Offers Dr. Who Digital Comics (PW)
  • The Judge that Apple Hates (Vanity Fair)
  • OverDrive Adds 2,100 Libraries, More Consumer Services (PW)
  • Removing EBooks from Amazon: It’s Not That Easy (Reba Kennedy.Lawyer.Writer.)
  • So Game of Thrones is written in Wordstar (David Hewson)
  • Stupid UK prison book policy change: starting to unravel around the edges (Diane Duane)

2 Comments on The Morning Coffee – 16 May 2014

  1. I can’t parse that one about how not-easy it is to remove your ebook from Amazon. Because it is; you go into the KDP platform and click “unpublish,” and that puts the title into “draft” form on your KDP bookshelf. I don’t think you can remove it from the KDP bookshelf, but that process does make it so it’s no longer for sale on Amazon. I’ve no idea why they tried to use AuthorCentral.

  2. I didn’t know that either. Thanks!

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