7 thoughts on “Is Byliner About to Close?

  1. I hope the list will endure in some form. Byliner has done some excellent publishing, but I think the organization has (generally, though not always) relied too heavily on “discovery” (otherwise known as “serendipity”) as a marketing tool.

  2. I would have bought some stories but going through the ADE hoops for something I could read in ten minutes put me off. Seriously, what’s the point in DRM in these little $1.99 transactions? For 90% of people, the cost is less than the trouble of pirating it.

  3. This news is a surprise, and I don’t wish Byliner.com any ill will. However, I frequently receive notifications from other people who retweeted a mention of @byliner. No, not me; the other Byliner.com.

    The founder did ask me to surrender the byliner handle I have had since the days of Citizens Band radio (10-4?) and offered to pay me for it — a clear violation of Twitter’s rules. Twitter did not respond to my request for help with this problem, however. The “byliner” handle has been on my e-mail, my Twitter account — even on my license plate.

    The California business Byliner.com seems to have served writers well; as a writer and editor since high school, I have no quarrel with that. I do wish I had not been mistaken on Twitter for Byliner.com. All of those notifications to me should have gone to Byliner.com.

  4. Oh no! I’ve been wondering where my Atwood series has gone from Kindle Singles! :( Her entire Positron series has been taken off Amazon.

    I was just getting into Byliner’s stuff and was really admiring their work! I hope that the company perseveres and that we’ll see them bounce back.

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