E-ink Debuts a 32″ Color E-ink Screen

E-ink hasn't had much luck making a color ebook reader screen which was worth buying but their latest color signage might have a better chance of success. The screen tech company debuted a 32" color sign at Display Week 2014, and compared to E-ink's 8" and 9.7" color screens it looks surprisingly good.


The 32” color display sports a resolution of 2560 x 1440, and measures 27.75” by 15.75”. That give it a dpi of 94, which is very low compared to tablets or smartphone screens, but not for signage. What's more, E-ink also had a black and white unit on display which sported a much higher resolution screen (5012 x 2880).

Update: There was some confusion before, and I got the stats mixed up. It turns out the grayscale screen has a resolution of 2560 x 1440, while the color screen is rated at 720p resolution. That's a lower resolution but still workable, IMO, especially at a distance.

The color screen was obviously low resolution, but that turned out to be a plus. By making the color pixels large, E-ink was able to get around the grayness issue I and many others have seen on the 9.7" Triton E-ink screen. The color pixels on this screen are almost a quarter of a millimeter in size, large enough that you can see them with the naked eye from about a foot away.

The screen looked quite good, and in fact it came close to showing a true white. E-ink's past color screen have not been able to pull that off, only getting as close as a light gray color.

The new signs was developed in cooperation with Global Display Solutions (GDS). E-ink made the screen, and GDS finished the design with enclosure technology that enables the displays to be deployed in outdoor conditions with very low power consumption. This display is targeted primarily at applications in the digital signage and information kiosk markets, and is available in black and white and color modules.

10 thoughts on “E-ink Debuts a 32″ Color E-ink Screen

  1. It would be nice to have the option, if they can make it work. Some people don’t have a problem with reading LCD screen for hours, but I much prefer my Paperwhite’s screen. The monochrome display is the only down side.

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