Feedly is Down Again in Third Round of DDoS Attacks

feedly logoFeedly just hasn't been able to catch a break this week, with the company announcing for the third day in that their service is down due to DDOS attacks.

The company has announced around 6am eastern time on Twitter that they are coping with yet another round of attacks.

Feedly has spent almost as much time offline over the past 3 days as they've been online, and while the company hasn't shared any specific details it appears that all 3 attacks were all perpetrated by the same blackmailers.

In what is little more than a modern iteration of the protection racket, criminals are now threatening to shut down a company's online services if their extortion demands aren't met. This nasty trick has been around for at least nine years now, and it seems to be on the uptick over the past couple years.

In addition to Feedly, other well-known internet companies like Basecamp and Cryptome have either been attacked or threatened with attacks. Evernote was also hit with a DDos attack earlier this week, although it's not clear whether that was simply maliciousness or an extortion attempt.

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