Who’s up for an eBook Bundle? How About Three?

575851d1765e112dda6f990207a893f13fcc1cb8[1]If you're in the market to buy a lot of ebooks right away then I have some good news for you. No fewer than three different bundles crossed my desk in the past day.I don't normally write about all of the ebook bundle offers I get, but the coincidental arrival of 3 bundles inspired me.

The first bundle for your enjoyment today comes from Humble Bundle. It's a set of graphic novels, including The Walking Dead. You can pay what you want and get Vol. 1 form 4 different series, including The Walking Dead, Invincible, Witch Doctor, and Ghosted. If you pay above the average payment you will get an extra 4 graphic novels, and anyone who pays above $15 will get The Walking Dead volumes 4 and 5. There's also a bonus at the $40 level (The Walking Dead volume 20 and an exclusive T-shirt) and another bonus at the $60 level.

You can find more info on the Humble Bundle website.

If digital comics aren't your thing then you might be interested in the next bundle. Story Bundle just debuted the Gallery of Horrors Bundle. This is a set of horror novels from a variety of authors, including Chuck Wendig, Hugh Howey, and more. The basic bundle costs however much you want to pay, and if you pay more than $12 you'll get 3 additional titles (including the Wendig and Howey books).

You can find this bundle at Story Bundle.

And our final bundle today brings us back to Humble Bundle. Yes, this site is running two different bundles at the same time, and this one also centers on digital comics: this time, Transformers.

db3766c7e9bf1ebfc7ec3da12301a3b9bfd7b692[1]Pay what you want and you can get 4 collected volumes of the classic Transformers comic books. The bonus titles include 6 additional volumes of Transformers comics, and the $15 level adds another 4 volumes of Transformers  comics.

You can find this deal on the Humble Bundle website.

I burned out on the idea of bundles some time back,  but the Transformers  has me tempted. I might buy it just for the sake of nostalgia; I loved those cartoons.

Will you be buying any of these bundles?

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