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The Morning Coffee – 12 August 2014

The reading list this Tuesday morning is still showing signs of Amazon-Hachette infestation, but recent anti-nuisance treatments are having a positive effect. The treated reading list includes an overview of epaper in consumer electronics, a recent survey of media use and ownership in the UK, a survey of ebook subscription services, and more.

5 Comments on The Morning Coffee – 12 August 2014

  1. Oops! Some people think our spoof letter from Jeff Bezos is the real thing!

  2. And you didn’t bother to enlighten them. Then again, why would you.

  3. The post was obviously satire. I don’t see why it would have to be explained. Someone else on B&N’s forums will do that.

  4. It did say at the bottom “Posted in Amazon-Disney spoof letter.”

    The WSJ has a story behind a paywall indicating this is about far more than just pricing.

    Differences regarding promotion and product placement on Amazon’s website, as well as who makes up the price difference when Amazon loses money due to matching policies are also main factors in the disagreement.

  5. Which Subscription Service is Best for Self-Published Authors: Kindle Unlimited, Scribd or Oyster? (Mediashift | PBS) – great link, thanks Nate!

    And via PBS. That they chose the one I also think is best, Scribd, and for many of the same reasons, is fantastic. (smiles)

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