eBooks Reach 6% of the Dutch Book Market

5936748731_cc62b2ec5e_z[1]With ebook sales both up and down at major US publishers, no one knows exactly what is going on with the US ebook market. The same cannot be said for the Netherlands.A new report from GfK revealed that the Dutch book market shrank in the second quarter, while the ebook market grew. Sales of paper book were down 15.5% from the same quarter last year, reaching 7.9 million units, and market value also dropping 11.5%, to 106.1 million euros.

That bad news for paper books was good news for ebooks, which accounted for 6% of the Dutch book market in the second quarter of 2014, up from 5% in the first quarter, with around 80% of the sales coming from fiction genres.

The Dutch ebook market may not be a large one but it has drawn the interest of the major ebook platforms. Apple, Kobo, Google, and even B&N have all launched a local ebookstore there in competition with the bol.com. Amazon has also reportedly shown an interest, and is currently looking to hire a Dutch translator.


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  1. The title seems wrong “eBooks Reach 6% of the Dutch eBook Market”. I think you mean “… Dutch Book Market”.

  2. With small correction, the article appears to be more precise.
    Great job in the Netherlands where it is the doouble of what we suppose we have in France…

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