Don’t Like Amazon’s New Kids’ Tablet? Here are 5 Alternatives

kindle-fire-hd-kids-3[1]Amazon's new Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition tablet is going to be getting a lot of press over the next few weeks, but it's not the first tablet to launch in this market - nor even the twenty-first.Here are 5 kids tablets that you might consider in place of the Fire HD Kids Edition. (You might also retrofit your existing tablet as a hand-me-down, but this might not work for everyone).

The $150 Fire HD Kids Edition has many things going for it, including an extended warranty, but its competitors have strengths of their own (for example, not giving your user data to Amazon). Some are based on general purpose Android tablet designs (Samsung), while others are highly focused academic tablets (XO tablet from OLPC).


Skin_Kurio_pink_persp[1]This company makes a line of kid-safe tablets and smartphones. I haven't had my hands on one, but I do know that you can find 7" and 10" models (as well as a 4" smartphone).

The hardware has mixed reviews and Kurio is not getting much buzz in the ed tech blogs I follow, so further research is warranted.


nabi-tablet-2-420x380[1]Fuhu is a name that anyone who follows tablet news should recognize. Their Nabi line of Android tablets are highly regard by many reviewers.

Fuhu offers Nabi tablets with 5", 7", and 10" screens. They have multiple models, including ones which focus more on entertainment (Dreamtab) and ones which are more academically focused (Nabi Jr).

They in fact offer so many models that I can't link to just one, and have to link to the website home [age

Chromo Orbo Jr.

orbo-jr-tablet-review[3]Here's a 7" tablet with not too terrible specs from a little know company, which can be picked up cheap.

It's so cheap that I would normally avoid it, but it did get a good review online. This might be a good choice for some parents.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition

SM-T2105GYABTU-185363-0[1]Released last year, the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition offers a premium priced alternative for the kids tablet market. Samsung has a reputation in the Android tablet market for quality hardware and long battery life, but that comes with a high price tag.

This tablet costs $199, and I don't know about you but I would rather get two tablets for that price.  What's more, reviewers noted that there were issues with a lack of software features and with bundled apps, so if you get this tablet you'll need to double check and make sure it can do what you want.

OLPC XO Tablet

hands[1] OLPC  is widely known for their XO educational laptop, and last year they followed up with the launch of an educational tablet.

The XO tablet is an Android tablet running customized software. It has a strict focus on academics, so it won't be the right tablet for everyone. But it did get high reviews, and it does have decent hardware plus a lot of educational software.


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  1. One great kids tablet you failed to mention is the Clickn Kids tablet

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