The Morning Coffee – 1 October 2014

The reading list is slightly longer today, and includes a paean against publishing a first novel, responses to Mike Shatzkin's latest missive, and more.

  • Bookstores, publishers sue to stop law against “revenge porn” (Ars Technica)
  • Four Methods For Choosing What To Read Next (BOOK RIOT)
  • The Hidden Costs of E-books at University Libraries (Times of San Diego)
  • How NOT To Publish Your First Novel (IAIN RYAN)
  • The motivation of the publisher-bashing commentariat is what I cannot figure out (The Passive Voice)
  • Pearson's REVEL aims to replace the traditional textbook [Educause 2014] (Education Dive)
  • Why Rumors Outrace the Truth Online ()

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7 Comments on The Morning Coffee – 1 October 2014

  1. Your NYT link doesn’t appear to be working. I Googled the title and found it. There is a rich irony in the New York Times having an article entitled “Why Rumors Outrace the Truth Online.” Sheitfield is one of their fastest “runners.”

  2. Shatzkin’s piece reminded my of the political operators and pundits who bemoan the people who, come election time, vote “against their own interests” in favor of the national interest and their own principles.
    The idea that indie authors might identify with their counterparts tied to predatory tradpub contracts and vanity presses and might want to help spur change to promote a healthy industry for all seems beyond his grasp.
    Then again, he is obviously mostly acquainted with the strutting gold-plated AU gang so he apparently uses them as a model.

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