The Morning Coffee – 7 October 2014

The reading list is short this morning.

  • Amazon to face EU investigation over Luxembourg tax deal: FT (Reuters)
  • Apple Facing Trial Over Whether Its Use Of DRM Violated Antitrust Laws (Techdirt)
  • Digital piracy now about access more than cost, says New York Times (TeleRead)
  • Google's 'In The News' Results Box will pull from Reddit (TNW)
  • Have we fallen out of love with e-readers? (The Independent)

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  1. Excellent article about piracy. I find the licensing limitations around geographies and various service providers maddening. At one end, a producer creates a work – movie, tv episode, book, whatever – and at the other end are people like me, who want to pay them a fair price and download a copy of the work for consumption. In the middle are a bunch of groups who add no value and through up barriers to make the process miserable or in some cases impossible (e.g. Americans can get Star Trek episodes from Amazon Prime, as a Canadian 100 km from the border, I cannot).

    I don’t pirate, currently I just wait and buy moves and TV on DVD, and ebooks from Amazon and Kobo, but I find I buy less and less – I am certain easy access would lead to impulse buys and me spending more money, but instead I am quickly moving away from episodic TV and all but a few blockbusters each year. (ebooks are the easiest to get, so I still buy lots of those.)

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