The Morning Coffee – 8 October 2014

Your reading list this Wednesday morning includes MobyLives bashing Amazon again over Orwell (while the true Orwellian story occurred elsewhere), the case for automatic encryption, the analytics of longer stories, responses to a Luddite peice on ebook readers, and more.

  • Bertelsmann Planning to Lift Penguin Random House Stake (Bloomberg)
  • The Case for Automatic Encryption, Especially for Journalists (Mediashift | PBS)
  • Fascinating look at sales numbers and effect of Kindle Unlimited (TeleRead)
  • Have we fallen out of love with e-readers? (The Passive Voice)
  • Is Amazon About To Put All KDP Titles Into Kindle Unlimited? (Ebook Bargains UK Blog)
  • Longer stories draw more attention, but with diminishing returns (Digiday)
  • Longreads: Now Publishing Original Storytelling (Fast Company)
  • What is it with Amazon and George Orwell? (MobyLives)

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  1. It’s amusing that ADS House (aka Melville House) is bashing Barry Eisler for misattributing that quote to George Orwell. From what I can tell, it has been attributed to eight different people and NO one is sure who originally said it. Since it was Orwell, they had to go back to the Amazon story which was Orwellian (Streitfieldian?), to say the least. “Hah! Amazon was wrong, Orwell loved paperbooks! Hah! Amazon’s business model sucks cuz Orwell hated paperbacks!” ADS causes “Teh Dumb” to flourish like Miracle Grow on a petunia.

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