The Morning Coffee – 23 October 2014

Here are six stories to read with your morning beverage.

  • Amazon is doing the world a favor by crushing book publishers (Vox)
  • Apple Gives Itself Unfair eBooks Advantage (Mike Cane’s xBlog)
  • David Balzer: how "curationism" influences our reading identities (Quill and Quire)
  • Q&A With Anna Todd, the Breakout Fanfic Star Who Writes Everything on Her Phone (Re/code)
  • A response to the support received by Kathleen Hale after she stalked a book blogger (Book Thingo)
  • Self-Publishing is Basically the YouTube of Literature (LitReactor)

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3 Comments on The Morning Coffee – 23 October 2014

  1. Couldn’t get through that stupid Vox article (“Amazon is doing the world a favor by crushing book publishers”). First he thinks is dumb to prosecute “flagrantly illegal cartel behavior”. Hard to take anyone seriously who says things like that. Then he criticizes Krugman for comparing books to oil because books aren’t “undifferentiated commodities”. But one problem with Amazon is that they want to treat them as undifferentiated commodities; they want all ebooks to cost the same. And his arguments appear to rest on there no longer being printed books. But there are. It’s crazy myopic to think they aren’t still a factor. Until they aren’t you can’t write off publishers. I really couldn’t bother reading more. He makes little sense.

  2. Really fascinating article on “Q&A With Anna Todd” –

    “[question] Do you feel like you’re writing to your peers?

    [answer] They’re really nice people, positive, very passionate. Most of them are female, late teens, they’re very into their phones. I’m 25, so I’m older than some of my readers; the Harry Styles thing brought in One Direction fans.”

    I’ve found writing on the my phone works really well. Wouldn’t mind switching from my iPhone 5 to the 6plus.

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