The Morning Coffee – 14 November 2014

Must-read stories this morning include a fun take on the differences between American and Caunaudiaun spelling, growing support for e-tax laws, and a critical take on conferences.

  • 6 Key Terms in Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing Contract (MarcyKennedy)
  • Amazon, Indies, Barnes & Noble Unite for E-tax Fairness (PW)
  • Anyone else have a problem with Canadian/UK spelling? (YOURS IN STORYTELLING...)
  • The Economist Espresso: Our new daily edition for smartphones (The Economist)
  • On conferences (Studio Tendra)
  • Pitching Literary Festivals, Genre Boundaries And Crime Fiction. With Clare Mackintosh (The Creative Penn)

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2 Comments on The Morning Coffee – 14 November 2014

  1. The Marcy Kennedy article (6 Key Terms) is an eyeopener in the sense that it reconfirms that when publishing with Amazon, you have to keep your fingers crossed and keep repeating the mantra “Amazon is my friend and will do me no harm.” You have liability they do not even though they can do whatever they want and you have no say in the matter. Gotta love those kinds of friends — they look you square in the eye as they shaft you. At least they can’t change what they owe you for past sales — at least that is true today.

    Truthfully, I’m surprised that authors view this as a great deal; if they don’t, they sure are quiet about not liking it. They’d be screaming bloody murder if Random House had the same contract.

  2. AltheGreatandPowerful // 14 November, 2014 at 9:31 am // Reply

    Once again Tendra with a curmudgeonly post. His life is just sooooo hard, conferences are bad. WHY does this wanker keep on writing?

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