Uno Noteband Fitness Tracker Helps You Speed Read While You Run

unnamedWith a score of different models shown off at CES 2014, fitness trackers are a dime a dozen in the market these days, but the Uno Noteband could be something special.This fitness tracker launched as an Indiegogo campaign earlier this week, and in addition to the usual bag of tricks the Uno Noteband also integrates Spritz's speed reading technology to help users speedily read texts, notifications, and other updates at up to 700 words per minute on the Uno Noteband's 2" screen.

And that's not all, of course. The Uno Noteband is a capable fitness tracker that records your daily activity levels, including data like steps taken and calories burned, and then sync the data with Apple Health and Google Fit.


Like most other fitness trackers, it's designed to pair with your tablet/smartphone. It's going to launch with a companion app which can deliver the usual barrage of alerts about your incoming calls, emails, calendar events, etc. The alerts will be read only, although an industrious hacker could well add new software features which make use of the touchscreen.

In addition to the 2" screen, the Uno Noteband Bluetooth, and a 6-axis gyroscope and accelerometer. Battery life is rated at 5 days.

All in all this looks like a useful little gadget. I would get one of not for the fact that I am morally opposed to exercise. If you would like to get one you can contribute on Indiegogo. The campaign only launched a couple days ago, and it has almost hit its funding goal.


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  1. I think if these folks spent as much time exercising as they do in obsessing about HOW they’re exercising, they’d be better off. Me, I just walk someplace instead of driving once in a while.

  2. Spending hundreds of dollars at a time on sports equipment, helps your wallet lose weight.

  3. am i the only person who thinks that looking down at your wrist while running (possibly jogging on the road, or running cross country) might not be a wise choice?

    now if they change the name to the ‘Bracelet for Augmenting Darwin…

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