Roundup: Things We’d Like to Say to Ryan Boudinot About His MFA Post

4815205632_632ee48a71[1]Ryan Boudinot's self-centered rant last weekend about his MFA students has sparked a flurry of responses from others, bloggers, and the comment section at The Passive Voice.

As the week went by, I've been catching up on the responses (hat tip to Font Folly for finding many of them first).  Almost no one agreed with Boudinot. Although a few of the respondents agreed with one or two of the points he raised, he was generally faulted for his tone, attitude, personal hygiene, close personal friendship with the lord of darkness, and what not.

Here are 8 responses (including my own). All are worth reading, but my favorite would have to be this succinct and snarky clipping from Font Folly:

You know who else never read The Great Gatsby? Charles Dickens. William Shakespeare. Oscar Wilde. William Blake. Lord Byron. True, those are all famous authors and poets who died before Fitzgerald wrote Gatsby, but my point is that you can’t claim someone is incapable of becoming a writer if they haven’t read any one specific book. You also can’t deride them for thinking of “the classics” as a single monolithic thing out of one side of your mouth, then deride everyone who hasn’t read and enjoyed the exact same books as you out of the other.

I just love watching a blowhard get cut down to size in a minimum number of words.

image by Drew Coffman

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