New Guinness World Record Set for Longest Book Domino Chain – 5, 318 Books (video)

United-Biscuits-main_tcm25-371042[1]Back in January, employees of the UK-based United Biscuits lined up 5,500 books in a chain and knocked them down, domino-style, setting a new world record.

The attempt was made at a sales conference in Old Windsor, England. it was developed in partnership with Guinness and sprung on United Biscuit's salespersons that morning as a team building exercise.

it was a less than perfect effort; around a couple hundred of the 5,500 books didn't topple, but enough did fall that a new record of 5,318 books was set. The previous Guinness World Record of 4,988 books was set in March of last year in Cz?stochowa, Poland.

Guinness via eBookFriendly

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  1. Is it bad of me that all I could think was, “I’m so glad I’m not the one to have to pick them all up.” 🙂

  2. Says video is private. 🙁

  3. WTF: “This video is private”! Like, what for? Like, didn’t you know that before you posted it?

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