Tolino to Launch Self-Pub Portal in April

Tolino has almost everything to be a Kindle competitor, including ereaders, tablets, retail partners across central Europe, and the backing of just about everyone in Germany who is on Amazon's hit list.

But this two-year old ebook platform doesn't have a self-pub solution - at least, not yet. There's a report today on Self Publishing Bibel that Tolino is going to launch a self-pub portal next month. The announcement is expected to happen on Thursday at the Leipzig Book Fair.


Tolino has long sold self-published ebooks, but they had previously accepted them through 3rd-part distributors like Draft2Digital. Now Tolino will be dealing directly with authors.

The new portal will be run by Tolino Media. That firm launched as the ebook distributor Pubbles in 2010, and it's owned by the principle Tolino partners. Authors will be able to upload Word or Epub, and there is a mention of an online editor. Authors will get a free ISBN, and be paid 70% of the retail price for any ebook sold in Tolino's network of competing ebookstores.

The link I provided above is not live at this time, but I'm told that it will go live on Wednesday with a page where authors can sign up for email notification on the launch and availability.

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