Love Bad Book Covers? Here Are Five Blogs Where You Can Get Your Fill

Who's up for some bad book covers?

Yesterday The Guardian featured a blog called Kindle Cover Disasters. This site trolls the Kindle Store, looking for simply awesome examples of absolutely terrible cover design and then sharing them with a horrified  and frightened public.

Some examples include:

bad cover images

That is a great blog, and The Guardian's article is a fun read, but as I sat down to write this post I realized that there is a better alternative to simply telling you about a single blog which collected bad book covers.

And that would be to find four such sites.

I can't connect you with my favorite blog on this topic, alas; Good Show Sir went dark some time back and never returned, so in its place let me recommend an entirely different site:

Awful Library Books

This blog doesn't post book covers because they're bad. Instead it posts books which don't belong in libraries because they're useless, out of date, or simply terrible.

ALB is the site where I discovered Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy: a child’s book about satanic ritual abuse (I'm not kidding) and Nobody Wants a Nuclear War (seriously).

But if laughing at bad books isn't your thing, here are four sites which collect bad book covers and snark about them. One is deceased, but the other three are active.

I'll be honest; I haven't looked through those sites yet to find which one is best. I'm following them all, though, and I plan to enjoy them in the future, but I wasn't familiar with them until I started Googling today. As I said, the one site which I did follow is dead now.

Speaking of Googling, I also found an additional 4 posts just in case you've run out of terrible covers to laugh at. There's some duplication, and some are so bad that they're not even funny, but flipping through all of the covers should kill the next hour or two.


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7 Comments on Love Bad Book Covers? Here Are Five Blogs Where You Can Get Your Fill

  1. You know, I think “trolls” is exactly the right way to put it. I mean, sure, the ones highlighted aren’t very good. And I’ve seen a lot of not very good covers.

    I’ll share my fave site of this ilk. I think it was actually introduced by the same designer behind the Lousy Book Covers site you mentioned:

    It actually features constructive criticism of book covers that could improve. And some of the authors actually do improve them. Provided, the dynamic is very different; I think authors submit to the site, so it’s less about perusing Amazon for further examples. But I think that just demonstrates that nobody wants or sets out to create a bad design, and most authors who have them would be really happy to receive feedback that might help them improve it.

  2. Jim Hines started a discussion on covers a while back–it turned into a discussion about women on covers versus men. I’ve skipped right to the summary in the link. Yeah, it’s slightly off topic because he’s not necessarily saying these covers are BAD, but…most of them are.

    Anyway, if you haven’t seen any of the posts, they are QUITE good and a must read for bad cover poses.

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