Apple Releases iBooks Author Starter Kit

ibooks author logoApple's on again, off again interest in iBooks is on again as of last week. Bradley Metrock noted on LinkedIn on Friday that Apple has released a how-to book for iBooks.

iBooks Author Starter Kit is a no-frills beginner's guide which lays out all the steps required to produce an ebook in iBooks Author. The Starter Kit walks a user through a detailed set of step-by-step activities, and provides all of the materials required to create a basic interactive book, including an iBooks Author template, images, color palette, copy decks, videos, keynote presentation, and more.

This is one of seven iBook titles produced by Apple Education, most of which were published last November. According to the listing, Starter Kit v1.2 was released last week, but a little digging suggests that this is actually  the first public release (AppAnnie only started tracking this ebook in iTunes last week.)

While I think that Apple has been generally disinterested in iBooks, this book was published only days after we learned that iOS 8.4 will enable iPhones to read ebooks produced by iBooks Author. Apple is also planning to merge the audiobook section of iTunes into the iBooks app in iOS 8.4.

Clearly Apple is interested in iBooks once more.

You can find the ebook in iBooks. Making a similar ebook will of course require iBooks Author running on OSX.

Update: The ebook is only available everywhere, strangely enough. I have reports from Germany and Croatia that it can't be downloaded (I have a copy).

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1 Comment on Apple Releases iBooks Author Starter Kit

  1. Gabriel Parriaux // 17 May, 2015 at 11:18 pm // Reply

    Hi Nate,

    Thank you for the info !

    Unfortunately, the book is unavailable in Switzerland too… 🙁

    It’s strange because the whole series of Apple Education ibooks is available, but not the iBooks Author’s one…

    If you would like to share your copy, I would be very interested ! Thanks a lot !


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