Morning Coffee – 20 May 2015

14028754235_101ae7d96a_bTop stories this Wednesday morning include the morality of ad blockers, a hoarder an archivist who means it when he says that he wants AOL CDs, the secret history of bookaneers, the future of Wattpad, and more.

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  1. I have mixed feeling about ad blockers, but after having my browser redirected a couple of times thanks to malware-ish ads (that I did not click on, they were merely displayed on the page), I installed one out of security concerns. As long as I can’t trust advertisements to not install nasties on my machine, I am going to have to block them.

    • And those redirects happened on sites you trusted, didn’t they? It’s scary how advertising introduces security issues into otherwise safe sites.

    • Seconded. Several years ago, I got hit with by a drive-by install of a very nasty “fake antivirus”. Removing it borked my Windows install, so I had to reinstall everything. Afterwards, I switched to Firefox and got an adblocker. I’ll consider removing it after the ad host pays me for my lost time.

      On the plus side, trying to recover my data taught me how to use a Linux live-CD, so the experience wasn’t all wasted.

  2. Funny story – I tried to read the “ad blockers are immoral” article, but could not, because a giant add jumped up, took over the middle of the screen, and would not let me get past it. Was this page supposed to be a joke?

    I use ad blockers to block unacceptable ads when surfing at lunch at work. For example, women in not enough clothing – ad-block lets me right-click and block images and ads I don’t like, while the harmless ones stay.

  3. Well, time to take off my clothes and dance before the pale digital light, wicked consumer that I am.

    I’m half surprised that people who aren’t corporate goons are STILL arguing against adblocking on moral or legal grounds this far into the 21st century. Really?!

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