Marvel Renews Comixology Deal, Expands Exclusive Digital Comic Deal to Include Kindle Store

Amazon's purchase of Comixology last year started paying the expected dividends this week.

marvel single kindle storeMarvel and Comixology announced on Thursday that they had signed a deal to extend their exclusive relationship on single issue comics. Marvel's digital floppies will continue to be exclusively available through Comixology (graphic novels are of course available more widely). And now that Amazon owns Comixology, you can also find the digital comics in the Kindle Store.

"Marvel, Comixology and Amazon are committed to bringing Marvel’s amazing stories to current and future Marvel fans across the globe," said Comixology CEO David Steinberger. "And this historic extension of our relationship with the expansion of Marvel’s single issues to Amazon’s Kindle platform is an enormous opportunity to reach more fans."

In one fell swoop Amazon has added 12,000 single issue digital comic books to its Kindle catalog, titles which can't be found elsewhere.

Those comics are now available in a new section in the Kindle Store, and can be read on the Kindle Paperwhite and Voyage, Fire tablets, and in the Kindle apps for Android, iPad, and iPhone. The several listings I checked indicated that the prices are set by the publisher, making this effectively another agency deal.

The comics are also available through Comixology and its apps for the web browser, Android, or iOS. And of course you can find them in the Comixology-powered Marvel app.

The terms of the deal were not revealed, but it is safe to say that Amazon continues to pay a pretty penny for the exclusive distribution rights. that is money well spent, IMO. Comixology's previous deal with Marvel kept it in the dominant position in the digital comics market and helped strangle potential competitors like Diamond Digital.

Amazon's new deal with Marvel will guarantee Comixology's continued dominance of the digital comics market.

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  1. Any idea if this means Comixology books I bought in the past will show up on my Kindle? That would be fantastic if true.

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