PocketRocket Clears Out Your Pocket Backlog By Emailing You One Saved Article a Day

pocketrocket-logoIf you've been overwhelmed by a deluge of articles saved in Pocket then I have the solution.

PocketRocket is a new service that is designed to make you work your way through your backlog of saved articles. It ties into Pocket to pull and email you a single article every day, after which it archives that article.

The service was created by Leyland Jacob Elia, a developer who says he was just as prone to put off reading saved articles as anyone:

I made this because I developed a terrible habit of filling my Pocket with great articles and only coming back to binge read occasionally. With over 300 articles in my Pocket I was doomed. I wanted to find a way to cut down on my massive Pocket reading list without having to open the App everyday.

I figured I try to keep my email inbox at 0, so why not automate sending an article to my inbox and archiving it once a day.

To date I have been able read and archived 454 articles using PocketRocket.

Now, I am of the opinion that anyone who can clear out their saved article archive by reading one per day isn't finding enough articles worth saving, but this could still help you.

You can sign up via the PocketRocket website.

If you would like to set up a similar trick with another save for later service, well, I'm not sure how you would do it. My first thought was IFTTT, but that doesn't support this type of scheduled activity.

Any ideas?

PocketRocket via TNW

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  1. Thank you. I am going to try this.

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