Kobo Touch 2.0 eReader Launches in Canada

Earlier this year a Kobo firmware update dropped hints that the ebook company had two new ereaders in the pipeline. Codenamed Pika and Alyssum, one turned out to be the $129 Kobo Glo HD, and the other may have launched yesterday as the Kobo Touch 2.0.

There's been no announcement from Kobo, but someone on MobileRead noticed that the Chapters/Indigo website now listed a new Kobo model. The listing is incomplete, but it tells us that the new device sports a 6" Pearl E-ink screen and can be bought right now for $89 CAD.new kobo touch 2.0

As you can see from the images above and below, the Touch 2.0 looks more like the Glo HD than its predecessor. This model has an angled back found on current Kobo models, and it also lacks the home button found on the original Kobo Touch. The dimensions also suggest that the Touch 2.0 is a little thinner and narrower than the earlier model.

If this is the Pika device mentioned earlier this year then it has a screen resolution of 800 x 600. It's Kobo's new budget model, and as you can tell from the price it is intended to compete with the current $99 Kindle (which costs $79 CAD, and is on sale for $64 CAD right now).

Frankly, I'm not sure how well the new Touch 2.0 will do against a device which costs so much less.

But at this point we don't know much of anything. Kobo hasn’t added the new model to its website yet nor have they sent out an announcement, so we're going to have to wait for official word.



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  1. They cannot possibly sell a Pearl SVGA device at that price. Why would people not simply buy the old Touch from Aliexpress for $50 then? IMHO, this should at least have been upgraded to the specs of the old Glo (possibly even without frontlight) to attract anybody at that price point. Or it is just an alibi device to have in the portfolio that is not supposed to be bought by anybody who’s also looked at the other models and seen how much better they are in relation to their only slightly higher price. Cutting off the cheap reading devices seems to be a trend; otherwise it cannot be explained why there are no regular sub-$50 models in 2015, where electronics are supposed to be cheap to make.

    Also a pity is the lack of an attractive 5-incher (i.e., with front light and Carta and HD, although (SVGA) SD would also do, if attractively cheap).

  2. Just to be sure, that indigo.ca web site listing does not use Canadian Dollar for its currency, right?

  3. OK, considering CAD, the perspective is different from the USD one. That would be about 60 EUR. Add about 20% VAT and you arrive at slightly over 70 EUR. At that point, Kobo might at least be able to compete with the basic Kindle (whose price, speaking for amazon.de, Amazon has just recently raised to 69,99 EUR from 59 EUR for the ad-featured version). That’s still not to speak of an attractive offer, but neither is the basic Kindle an attractive offer at that price, IMHO.

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